when you wanna retweet a relatable post, but you look at who posted it and you have to keep scrolling

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I wish my morning started with an anime opening

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You look fantastic. What are you wearing?

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This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

Finish reading This Is The Most Passive-Agressive Office Note Battle We’ve Ever Seen

The ending is worth clicking for.

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is avril lavigne scene or emo


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Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Prepare for bubbles!
We’re drinking doubles!

To protect the world from carbonation!
To sell our drink in every nation!

To denounce the evils of the Pepsi product!
To extend our taste with rightful conduct!


Team Coke, blasting off like a bottled rocket!
Surrender now that spare change in your pocket!

Meowth! You got it!

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